VnC Cocktails Party Pack!

cocktail party at a bar

Would you want to win a nice bag packed with three delicious VnC Cocktails? Well, this is something every cocktail lover wishes they could get their hands on. That’s what we are offering you, our fans. But let’s know something little about VnC Cocktails before I can tell you about how to win this cocktail giveaway.  

VnC Cocktails is not just another company selling cocktails. For the people who had the opportunity to sample some of the company’s products, they’ll tell you how unique it is. The New Zealand based company hit the headline when it featured one of the ‘keeping up with the Kardashians’ episodes in 2011.   

But there was a reason why a company from New Zealand made it to such a big television show. Founded in 2007, the company built a good reputation due to the quality and varieties of it offers. But the use of natural ingredients and the finest spirits made it globally popular.   

With 100% fruits juice, premium vodka, and less than 150 calories per serve, VnC boast of producing some of the healthiest and naturally delicious cocktails. This is one of the reasons why the brand attracted a huge fan base.  

The varieties and packaging of drinks is another factor that makes the company stand out. The company blends Pink Gin Cocktail, Mango Daiquiri, Sundowner, Passionfruit Daiquiri, Seabreeze, Mojito, and Margarita, among others. This is a wide variety that most companies have been unable to achieve. And the most exciting thing is that the company is promising to add even more varieties in the coming days.  

The use of various capacities of VnC blends is another factor that makes the brand stand out. With 1L, 700ml and 200ml sizes, VnC Cocktails took care of everyone in the market. If you need a cocktail product to put in your handbag, then 200ml would be an ideal option.  

One last thing that we cannot forget to mention about this company is the packaging of its products. Where else does cocktail come with a manufacturer bag if not from VnC Cocktails? Well, all the three sizes come in company logoed bag, especially when buying in bulk.  

If you want to enjoy some of these delicious VnC Cocktails? We’ve something for you. We have 3 packs of giveaways for you! And you don’t need to do a lot get yourself one of these parks.  

What you need is to shout out in the comment section below. Let us know what your favourite summer cocktail from VnC Cocktails is and why. It is that simple. Then, we will select the lucky three winners and announce them on our Facebook page. So, don’t let this chance pass you because you could be our lucky winner.