Toni Matičevski Evolution As A Costume Designer

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Toni Matičevski has achieved recognition and success on local and global scale as a costume designer. He is among the Aussie fashion designers that have been in the international fashion scene for the longest time. How he has made it for over two decades is not a secret. He’s. Without a doubt, one of the most talented designers. 

The Melbourne-based fashion designer is a student RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology). He studied fashion and graduated with First Class Honour. So, he’s been doing fashion as a career and passion and not something he bumped onto. It is from this background that his endless creativity and genius artistic approach to costume design were honed. 

Immediately after graduating, Matičevski won the Fashion Group International Award with the American fashion designer, Donna Karan (DK). It was one of the awards that established the young Matičevski into the global fashion scene. He would then proceed to work with the Paris based Cerruti. It is after this short stint abroad that he came back to Australia in 1998. 

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It is upon his return that he launched his own label in 1999. He immediately started getting fashion awards due to label uniqueness and the sensation it brought into the fashion scene. The awards greatly helped him to establish an identity not only in the Aussie fashion industry but globally as Toni Matičevsk brand. 

Toni Matičevsk’s design work utilises colour, fabric, and texture to produce what the needs. With almost an unparalleled understanding of fabric and the ideal application, Matičevsk has released some of the most glamorous cloth designs. The range of soft colour palette with some fine luxury touches of complex tailoring are some of the elements unique to this label. 

According to Matičevsk, he describes his design as timeless, fragile, ghostly, and beautiful. He says that all his designs are made from emotion and emotional response. So, his clothes are not only meant to make you feel comfortable but also to fill in an emotional vacuum. They are kinds of dresses that boost your emotions by improving confidence. 

Since 1999, Toni Matičevsk’s label has released many designs to the market. As he describes his designs timeless, some of the old designs are still doing well in the market. If you have been around for a while and a fan of Matičevsk, then you remember SS RTW 14 collection. It is one of the releases that still evoke a beautiful nostalgic feeling about the label. 

Today, Matičevsk boasts of many won awards that he has won during his illustrious career. In 2002, he won the Best New Designer at the prestigious L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival. He also co-won the Best New Designer award in 2005. Over the years, he has won many international awards for his works.  

Mostly regarded to many as a technical genius, Matičevsk has built a brand known of its elaborate, froth gowns. He has been recreating these gowns, also known as ‘” skeleton dresses,” every year with different styles and materials. But he has managed to maintain the same silhouette, something that makes his label unique. 

Toni Matičevsk label recently added men’s line and has been doing pretty well. Capitalising on the huge fan base in Australia and overseas, the new addition has been a success. The men’s line includes trousers and draping neutral jackets. He might add more accessories to his label in the future. 

Check out his website,, for more information about the latest and upcoming releases. Having been in the fashion industry for over two decades, you can expect nothing but the best from Toni Matičevsk.