SJP’s Shoes Up for Auctions

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The mention of the name Carrie Bradshaw brings a lot of nostalgia to ‘Sex and the City’ fans. But one thing that most ladies remember about Sarah Jessica Parker, playing the role of a stylish fashion-savvy Carrie Bradshaw, is her dazzling collection of heels throughout the SATC series. As a fashion enthusiast, she popularised most of the brands featured in the series, including the classic Manolo Blahnik.  

But did you know that Parker kept 70 per cent of Carrie’s wardrobe when HBO’s SATC wrapped in 2004? Probably not. But she was generous to share some of the shoes with the fans. For those who like her style, they had the first opportunity to enjoy some of the Carrie shoes you saw on the series. The renowned star started with sharing three of Carrie Bradshaw’s shoes in 2013 to a charity auction aimed at raising money to benefit the LaGuardia High School of Music, Art, and the Performing Arts. 

During this auction, which was sponsored by Gotta Have Rock and Roll, the SJP donated some of the best shoes in the series. One of the shoes that were auctioned was a pair of studded Prada peep-toe mules. The stylish platforms featured in the series, and I’m sure that you still see these models even today. 

Another shoe that was put up for auction was a pair of black patent platform courts which were designed by Dolce Vita. The black leather pumps come in a simple design and still popular in the market. They got popularised by the SATC series, and that explains why they were a perfect choice for this auction.  

But the most popular of the three shoes SJP donated was the strappy silver snakeskin sandals designed Jonathan Kelsey, renowned British shoemaker. Apart from the shoes’ jaw-dropping design and its silver colour, the shoe was also signed by SJP on the sole. This gave her fans not to care much about the size but to buy the shoe as a gift from the Parker to keep in their home. This was special for her fans. 

But the auction was not meant for the SATC fans only. The sponsor, Gotta Have Rock and Roll, had also brought in other celebrity donations. For the fans of Madonna, they had something good to pick from the auction. They brought the popular leopard print Miu Miu thigh-high boots she wore during the Superbowl appearance. This was a perfect donation from team Madonna. 

person holding a sneaker shoe suede blue

For the Manolo Blahnik’s fans, Elle Macpherson had donated a pair of leather-lined, black thigh-high boots. Another celebrity that had their shoes donated for the auction is the superstar, Britney Spears. Her collection contributed greatly to the success of the auction by donating on the best sandals in her shoe line. Her fans were gifted with sandals from Ms Spears.  

The male celebrities were not left out of the auction too. Shaquille O’Neal is one of the basketball players that contributed to the success of this auction. With his custom-made size 22’s, Shaquille’s fans had something to smile about. Last but not least are the Verde brown leather boots from Elvis Presley, the king of ‘King of Rock and Roll.’ 

Since 2013, SJP has been auctioning some of her popular shoe collection both from films and JSP shoe line for worthy causes. As a designer and the owner of the shoe line, she has been able to donate more than just shoes but other accessories for auctions. Follow her social media platforms for the next auction.