Shaz’s Shoebox – Taylor Says to Taylor Reeve

yellow stilleto shoes in a yellow bath tub

Taylor Reeve introduced her first line of shoes back in 2009. Having had worked for big shoe brands such as Quicksilver and Skull lady, she brought massive experience in the shoe branding scene. Under the ‘Taylor Says” brand, she was ready to take on the competitive shoe industry. Her target was fashion-savvy ladies looking for the latest funky and colourful shoes.  

The colourful design and funky fun details are some of the things that set Taylor Says shoes apart from the competition. The vibrancy of the heel colours and the incredible details of the designs are some of the features that made the shoe line unique. Having been in the industry for some, Taylor knew what she needed to create a custom base from the start. 

Did you buy the first release from Taylor Says shoe line? If not, you missed a lot as the debut designs were just out of this world. Shoe pulled a surprised that nobody could have expected from a new label. But having been in the industry, it looks like Taylor Reeves knew where to press to burst onto the shoe branding with a bang.  

If you never bought the ‘Brossie” from Taylor Says shoe line, then you missed debut shoes that made way for the brand. Another released that was among the very first high heels the shoe line released was the ‘Fierce”. The two heels were merely a representation of what to come in the following releases. From the design, vivid colours and funky fun details, the two heels provided fashionistas with a unique line of shoes to add to their closet.  

Having pictures printed on the sole of the heel and the use of vibrant colours were two main features unique to Taylor Says. However, it is important to note that she wasn’t the only shoe line putting pictures on high heel soles. Other companies doing the same but her unique designs using wild and original imagery is what stood out. 

classic chuck taylor shoes

After bursting onto the scene, the Taylor Says line of shoes released back to back funky high heels targeting youthful customers. As her she said from the start, she kept it real with her ‘having fun, expressing yourself and living it up’ approach to design her shoes. All the new designs that the label released were sensational. The uniquely designed printed sole still remained one of the features unique about this line of high heels. 

However, for those of us who were her adamant fans, we were disappointed when the line abruptly stopped operations. Taylor Reeve cited many things for the withdrawal of the Taylor Says shoe and permanent closure of operation. Being her first shoe line, she was probably overwhelmed by business demands. As usual with the market, the completion from the big boys can make it tough for start-ups. 

But we are excited to see that she’s back and with this time with more vigour and experience. She didn’t come back as Taylor Says shoe line but a new shoe line. This time around, she’s come back with her real name as the brand. Taylor Reeves is her new shoe line.  

But this time she is offering more than just the funky high heels. From the new Taylor Reeve line, you can now get other products such as jackets, handbags and other accessories. But her unrivalled funky high heels, painted with colourful, wild and original imagery still remain in the new label.