Nique Open In Melbourne Central

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For the fans of Nique, you have every reason to smile. The fashion label has opened a store in Melbourne Central. This means you can now visit the store while in the city. But we all know the journey has been long for the fashion line. So, this is, without a doubt, one of the companies’ biggest milestones.  

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Nique can be traced back in 1998 when Nick and Lucy Ennis, the co-designers, founded Loose Collection. The firm was a design agency, which was their side project by then. But the demand for their products would then increase tremendously, making it a full collection. Their designs would do very well in the industry, fuelled by the thriving music industry in Melbourne. You could see their work all over the city on flyers and bill posters. 

It’s from Loose Collection that Nick and Lucy Ennis created a huge following. All this time, they were dealing with Graphic designs and multimedia studio. But with the quick-growing fan base, Nick and Lucy Ennis decided to evolve the business into something bigger- they created their own brand. That’s how NIQUE, the fashion brand came to be, back in 2003. 

The fashion designer capitalised in the growing fan-base to grow its popularity in Melbourne. Their products were sold in some of the biggest boutiques in Melbourne and Australia at large. The online store also started attracted huge traffic, boosting its sales to internet-savvy buyers.  

Five years later, Nique would open its first boutique in Melbourne in 2008. But the move to the Melbourne Central is what has excited their fans. We know that Melbourne Central is home to this region’s fashion industry. It is one of the places where you can find all the big fashion brands, both local and international. 

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Opening a store in Melbourne central is also strategic for the brand. The city is a shopping destination for both local and international tourists. Most tourists are coming to Australia for shopping in Melbourne Central. The city also boasts of being one of the Aussie’s fashion melting pot. So, every fashionista won’t feel complete without shopping in Melbourne Central. 

According to Nick Ennis, this is just one of the stores that Nique is planning to open in the CBD. He also mentioned they’re happy that the CBD will be feeding them the kind of traffic they need to broaden their market reach. With many brands with almost the same products in the CBD, Nique is expecting to tap onto that traffic. 

But it shouldn’t get lost why Nique has been on an upward trajectory as a fashion designer. The brand is known for its unique approach to designs. All Nique designs are inspired by subtle luxury with an everyday practical element on it. Their designs are made to produce an effortless silhouette due to their emphasis on natural fabrication. 

However, the new store is offering a unique collection to their fans. According to Nick Ennis, the new stores will feature minimalist designs. The brand is planning to use the store as a marketing tool where customers can experience Nique’s finest products at an affordable cost. 

So, rush into the new store to pick some of the best designs from Nique. With the huge fan-based built over the years, you can expect most of the chic collections to move very fast. The deals are enticing. You can also check the Nique online platform for more about the store and what they are stocking at the moment.