NGV Dior and Yamamoto – The New Look Exhibition

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With the winter approaching rather quickly in Melbourne, you need to start preparing for the cold season. If you don’t like chilly weather, like me, I know you already have plans on how you will be hibernating this winter. But you don’t have to spend most of the season time locked up indoors. There are many outdoor fun things you can do outside this winter to keep you busy and healthy. 

Have you thought about going shopping this winter? Well, you don’t have to worry about the bank balance as you won’t be draining your wallet in the mall. There are a couple of places that you can choose to go this winter, especially if you are a fashionista. Try spending some in the National Gallery of Victoria (NVG). If you are fashion-savvy and would like some free fashion fun this winter, then NGV is a perfect place to be. They are exhibiting the “Dior and Yamamoto – The New Look Exhibition.” 

If you’re fashion-savvy like, you definitely know what Christian Dior and Yohji Yamamoto. You must also have heard what they have done in the fashion industry. They are iconic designers that revolutionised the fashion industry during their different era. Christian Dior, being the older of the two, designed the iconic bar suit that was released in 1947 under his New Look’ collection. The designer produced distinct and glamorous silhouette never seen before. To date, this piece of art and fashion continues to inspire other great designers, including Yohji Yamamoto. 

Yohji’s 1981 debut Paris collection marked the start of a new era of fashion. His daring fashion design conceptions earned him the reputation of an anti-fashion designer. He persuaded people that wabi-sabi design produces the best femininity and beauty. The oversized and unfinished designed transformed female fashion overnight in Paris. 

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Since his debut in Paris, Yohji has done incredible work in the fashion industry. So, a visit to the NGV will be your lifetime opportunity to see some of his great work. Dubbed new look ‘New Look”, the title is inspired by the Dior’s debut collection which transformed fashion in the 1940s. So, if you have been wondering why Christian Dior remains a giant brand in the fashion arena, NGV is providing some of his genius designs. 

For those who see these iconic designs online, it’s time to see them within touching proximity. It feels great, and as a fashionista, this is indeed a lifetime opportunity. There will be about six garments that the gallery will be showcasing. There will also be photographs and contextual fashion sketches done by Jacques Heim. 

Besides the Dior and Yamamoto – The New Look exhibition, NGV offers a lot more than dresses. There are video segments for runway shows from some of the major fashion events across the globe.  

If you’ve got love for sneakers, the gallery has an excellent collection for you. Some of the oldest and still impactful brands in the sneaker industry will be showcased. If you follow Jeremy Scott, then you’ll see his JS Bear sneaker with Adidas at touching proximity. 

You can bring family since the New Look exhibition is open for all and it will be free. It’s a small exhibition, and thus you don’t have to worry about losing your kids in there. It will be a perfect place to spend a day this winter. 

The Dior and Yamamoto – The New Look exhibition will start from 16 March to 28 July 2013. So, you have all the time to plan for the visit to NGV International along 180 St Kilda Road. It will be open from Mon-Wed, 10 am -5 pm during this time. It’s a free exhibition, so you have no reason to miss.