Lucy Folk – Pizza Collection

girl having fine jewelry accessories

If you’re jewellery lover in Melbourne, then I’m sure Lucy Folk is not a new name to you. As a jewellery designer, Folk has changed how we used to view these accessories. She made pieces of jewellery more relatable to us like no other designer have done before. Who would’ve thought that there could be jewellery inspired by food? That’s what Folk has done and is what keeps her unique.  

From seafood to pasta, Folk designs food-inspired jewellery that makes you feel like grabbing something to eat. How did you feel when you don her seafood-inspired necklace or see someone wearing one? The feeling of wishing that they could be edible is what makes her stand out. Folk is not any other jewellery designer in the industry. Although she’s been jewellery-savvy since her young age, she is now doing it on a professional level.  

Besides being immensely talented, she a graduate of Melbourne’s RMIT University. She majored in Gold and Silversmithing. She then joined the industry after graduating. After gaining some valuable experience, Folk started working on her jewellery line, a journey that’s been rewarding. But she didn’t just discover her passion for food-inspired designs when in college. It’s something that she identified why still in the kindergarten.  

It was when in kindergarten that she created her first pasta necklace. That’s when her talent was discovered. After graduating and starting her own line of jewellery, she has discovered more about the food industry. This can be seen from the range that she has released. The opening of her first flagship store in Melbourne in 2011 was an indication that the brand was doing pretty well in the market.  

lady holding white pearl jewelry

And now she is back with yet another classic jewellery design dubbed the pizza collection. I know what’s going to in your mind right now! You are trying to figure out how this food inspired her, right? Well, this is an incredible and sensational collection that will capture the industry than ever before.  

With a pizza-inspired collection, you can already imagine how the new release will look like. Don’t get limited with your imagination because it’s a huge one. When Folk released official information about the pizza collection, it instantly created a sensation. It was something that even her fans didn’t see coming. It was definitely a surprise to everyone.   

Like the previous collection, the new collection is expected to do very well if pizza love is anything to go by. There are many Pizza addicts in Melbourne, and this can be seen from the ever-growing number of pizza shops. And from the sensation that it has already created so far, there is no doubt that this will be one of the most successful collections from Lucy Folk’s brand.  

As usual, Folk brought her artistry and genius design in producing many pieces of jewellery for the pizza collection. We are not spoiling it for you, but she has not given pizza a nod as a whole. Instead, she has selected some of the ingredients and pizza characteristics to create jewellery designs. Just to mention a few, take a look at her Anchovy Ring, Pepperoni Earrings, and Stuffed crust Bracelet, among others from this collection.  

Folk transforms her food inspired designs using fine metals such as yellow and rose gold, brass, and sterling. So, you can expect to get some quality jewellery as these materials offer incredible properties. Visit Lucy Folk online store to find the range of her Pizza Collection. You will also find most of her previous collections, which are still cool to wear.