SJP and Manolo Debut Shoe Line

high heel shoes SJP inspired

The news that the Sex and the City star Sarah star, Sarah Jessica Parker, was going to release her shoe collection early 2014 didn’t come as a surprise. In fact, to most of us, her fans, it had taken longer than we would’ve expected. Fifteen years since the series debuted was such a long time wait. 

Playing Carrie Bradshaw in HBO’s Sex and the City, Parker is best known for her love for high heels. Throughout the series, she wears a dazzling collection is heels. In fact, she would rather go barefoot that swap her stilettos for any other shoes in the series. Carrie’s huge collection of shoes in this series had a huge influence on the brands that she popularised. But opening the shoe line, SJP, was something that got her fans super excited. 

The first SJP shoes line released in late January 2014. Many online shoe stores giving positive comments. The line had striking similarities to the Manolo Blahnik design. But this was a strategic entry in the market because she partnered with George Malkemus, the famous shoe mogul and CEO of Manolo Blahnik

The reason for partnering with Malkemus was also strategic. If you watch the series, you find out that Manolo Blahnik was one of the brands that Carrie popularised. The famous scene in the SATC series has Carrie Bradshaw excited trying a pair of ankle-strap from Manolo Blahnik. Surprisingly, her first line of shoes, the black ankle-strap SJP shoe, has striking similarities with the shoe in this scene.  

The first collection was exclusively released by the American retailer Nordstrom in 2014. The shoe line was mainly made up of high-heels, pumps, flats and was selling between US$200 to US$300. This was a realistic price, and that’s why it attracted massive sales.  

Sarah Jessica Parker

But the SJP collection was not footwear exclusive. Parker included other accessories, including bags and trench coats. From an interview she had with Vogue, Parker said that she was looking for ‘something different’ for her fans and fashionistas. Inspired by the old school labels such as Maud Frizon and Charles Jourdan, the collection is producing glamorous designs. 

Today, SJP label has grown into a full-fledged brand with a range of accessories. By 2016, the Parker had opened her first brick and mortar store in Washington D.C. The store is complete with her own SJP Collection shoe line. She would go ahead and open her second Boutique in Las Vegas in 2017 at the famous Bellagio Hotel.  

By 2017, Parker had become a shoe design. The line started releasing jaw-dropping new designs that are doing very well. The collection also added more shoes designed, including boots and least expected, sneakers. The ‘Meteor” was the first sneaker from the SJP. It would be best if you looked it out. 

JSP’s vibrant online shop offers an incredible collection of almost everything. The label has expanded from high-heel and flats to include sandals, bridals and sneakers. The online store also sells handbags, books, apparel and fragrance. With a vast range of colours and sizes, you will find something for you Parker’s collection. You can also buy mismatched sandals inspired by the Carrie Bradshaw scene in the ‘Sex and the City’ series.  

Since then, SJP label has opened more shops in various in America, Canada, as well as Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. With a huge fan base and jaw-dropping designs the label has been releasing, it’s clear that JSP’s future is bright.