Josh Goot New Online Store and SS13 Collection

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Josh Goot has achieved local and international not only as a fashion designer but all a successful entrepreneur. He’s not just another Australia designer. He’s a globally recognised designed due to his fabulous fashion designed. In fact, you don’t know him, please don’t consider yourself a fashion-savvy Aussie. 

josh goot

Josh Goot burst onto the fashion industry in 2005. That’s the year he released his debut collection at Australia Fashion Week. The new line created an unexpected sensation due to its unique designs. The cotton Jersey concept and unisex ideals while retaining ease and simplicity are among the main elements that stood out. With this buzz around the label, he started winning both local and international awards.  

For most of his fans who have been following Goot remember him winning the Tiffany & Co. Young Designer of the Year Award at the prestigious L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. In the same year he debuted (2005), the label won Prix de Marie Claire. This was the first biggest award that proved the competitiveness of the label in the fashion industry. It also cemented the brand’s place in Australia’s fashion industry. 

The streak of awards would capture the interests of popular boutiques. Parlour X in Sydney and Marais in Melbourne among that stocked his outfits. Later in 2005, the label appeared on the cover of Women’s Wear Daily. But it’s 2006 New York Fashion Week that the Josh Goot cloth line would hit the international market. With his “urban athletic looks” design, he captured the international buyers. Among the interested stockists included Brown Focus from London and Paris’ Colette. 

In 2008, Goot label appeared at the London Fashion week after Goot spending some time in the UK. Have you checked the ‘pragmatic modernism’ and ‘maverick yet disciplined’ design? It’s one of the designed that secured leading customers in Europe including Liberty (London), and Le Bron Marche (Paris) among others. 

With all these accolades from the international fashion industry, he returned to Australia in 2009. His aim was to grow his home market. With the vast experience, he brought a new vibe in the Aussie fashion industry. The “innovative technological developments in textiles” is the most popular design upon his return. But that’s my opinion. 

By 2010, he opened his first brick and motor store in Sydney along Glenmore Road. With the return of the Australian Fashion Week in 2011, Goot’s label dominated the fashion event. He even signed a deal with buyers in Australia, including David Jones Limited, a department store. By 2013, Goot website featured an online component that grew into a vibrant online store. The Spring/Summer 2013 collection and Autumn/Winter 2013 collection were among the first offers on the online store. 

To date, Josh Goot label is internationally recognised. The label has expanded in term of brick and mortar stores. The label’s online platform is among the most vibrant fashion stores in Australia. After Melbourne store, opened in 2013, Goot opened several others across Australia. There many popular boutiques are stocking their products here and across the globe. Go to New York, London and Paris, and you’ll find this label. 

Josh Goot has continued to releases classic designs. The ‘modern and minimal’ approach has remained the label’s most unique factor. With the use of high-quality textiles and 100% Australia made, the label has made a niche in the market. The fascinating prints and defined lines are just some of the fashion vibes that make the label to stand out. 

You can check Goot’s collection from his website and other online stores. The label now produces almost everything from dresses, to midi & flair skirts. So, you have plenty of designs to choose from.