Melbourne’s Alleys – What Makes Them So Special?

melbourne's alleys special

The lanes and arcades of Melbourne are world-renowned for their visual appeal and artwork. The way that the colourful alleyways blend into the cascade of commercial shop signs and take the walking explorer through an intricate and often intriguing journey of colour, art, bars, and coffee shops is something truly unique to the city of Melbourne.

graffiti artworks in Melbourne alleys

Often referred to as Melbourne’s ‘Little Streets’, these alleys provide visitors with more than just pieces of artwork but the history of the city and its people. The city history is carried in the artworks along these lanes. For starters, you will be surprised to learn that these laneways and arcades were meant for horses and carts during the Victorian era. That way way before cars were invented. This just one element of their unique history.

If you want to know all about the culture of the people, these lanes have everything for you. The local artists express who the people of Melbourne are through their artwork, their hopes, dreams and ambitions. Yes, some could be obscure and furtive, but they are definitely sending a distinct message to visitors coming to Australia.

a local artist is drawing graffiti in Melbourne alleys

What makes Melbourne alleys distinctive from other cities across the world is the quality of the street artwork. The intricate designing and production of these pieces of artworks are just amazing. Take a look at Block Lane and Arcade Lane and be wowed by the mosaic-tiled floor, wrought ironwork and beautifully painted ceilings. Each of Melbourne’s 40-plus alleys has attractions unique to them.

Probably one of the most exciting and unique things about Melbourne laneways is the fantastic pieces of graffiti. These pieces of art keep changing, and there are hundreds of street artists painting all over the city streets. From artwork of famous people all over the world, local entertainers to astonishing natural imageries, there is plenty of marvelous graffiti artwork along these little streets.

unique graffiti artworks in Melbourne alleys

Melbourne alleys are also perfect for those looking to have a good time in the city. The lanes have some of the top best food joints, bars and restaurants. Some of these alleys, such as Centre Place, are also home to some of the best shopping stores. If you love drinking espresso in cafes, there are many coffee shops along these laneways and arcades where you can get a delicious, barista-made coffee.

In addition to the beautiful street artworks, Melbourne alleys provide an efficient way to tour the city on foot. With no vehicle traffic, the ‘little streets’ provide a perfect way to enjoy the city even with family. Always remember to take pictures of the artworks you love because you might not find them again on your next visit as the streets are always changing.