6 Hairstyles That Will Always Be in Style: Men’s Hair

famous mens hairstyles of all time

With men’s hairstyles ranging from short to long, curly to straight, and everything in between, it’s easy for guys to find the style that suits them best. However, with so many options available at a barbershop or salon these days (or even on YouTube), how do you know which ones will always be in fashion? We’ve put together this list of 5 men’s hairstyles that are surefire winners! 

#1 – The mohawk  

Originally pioneered by punk rockers in the 70s, this men’s hairstyle has since been co-opted and worn by some of the world’s most stylish men. It suits both long hair as well as shorter cuts that have grown out a bit. 

Nowadays, men who choose to sport mohawks are more likely to be self-confident, creative types. They may also be looking for a bold new look that will make them stand out from the crowd! 

The iconic punk hairstyle is a popular trend among teens with its rebellious attitude and style. It originated in London during an era of social rejection when punks had little to lose by boldly expressing themselves through fashion statements like this one. 

The iconic punk hairstyle is now a fashion statement and cultural identifier for many people including pop stars like Miley Cyrus. 

This short cut with shaved sides was also made popular by such icons as Lou Reed or David Bowie during their stints on stage at London’s legendary Punk Rock clubs like The Roxy which served to provide an identity for these upstarts trying to break into a closed industry while also being part of a subversive act aimed against society where conservative dress codes were pretty common. 

groom in a tuxedo with mohawk hair cut

This haircut is famous in both male and female circles as one of the most recognizable looks from this decade that has not gone out of style today.  

#2 – The classic combover 

This haircut still remains a popular men’s hairstyle. 

Before the Beatles hit their stride, this style was originally created because of its practicality for military men who wanted to keep long hair out of their eyes while in combat. 

A combover, also known as a “comb-back” or simply the head fringe is an unappealing hairstyle that has become synonymous with old age and baldness. This outdated style unsurprisingly became popular in its heyday of the 1970s before being subject to widespread ridicule for not only going out of fashion but representing something inherently tacky regardless of how it is styled. 

You might see a few combovers in your day, with the classic style becoming synonymous with unkempt looks. An original definition of this look can be found on Vanity Fair’s website where they call it “an unattractive hairstyle worn by older men to hide a receding hairline.”  

It is an unfortunate reality that so many males are subject to ridicule thanks to their appearance choices when trying to cover up thinning or balding spots which often only serve as confirmation and validation towards ageist notions like “older people never change”. 

man combing his hair

#3 – The side part with a low fade 

It’s another hairstyle that will never go out of fashion. 

A low fade is a men’s haircut where the hair on top and front of the head is cut short, while the back and sides are clipped to just above skin level with electric clippers.  

Talk about how the side part with a low fade haircut started in 1947, when American barber Frank C. Carriker Jr., who was also an amateur historian and family genealogist at heart, had just opened his first shop on Main Street of Kansas City KS, and wanted to create something new for his customer’s hairstyles that would be different from anything they have seen before! 

The low fade haircut became popular when Brad Pitt had this style in Fight Club in 1997, which made this cut very famous among men.  

Also, many stars are seen with this type of men’s hair like Justin Bieber. 

This hairstyle is now seen as an iconic American style and has been copied by many around the world. 

#4 – The Pompadour haircut  

The Pompadour haircut is a men’s hairstyle that has been around since the 17th century.  

The pompadour haircut was created by Francois Antoine Toupet in 1839, who named this cut after King Louis XVIII. This style is characterized by a long fringe that frames the face with forelocks brushed up and back from the forehead to create volume on top of your head. 

handsome man newly cut hair

The style became popular in the 1950s and 1960s.  

This hairstyle is now seen as a distinguished, classy cut that’s made for those who are looking to make a statement.  

Celebrities like Elvis Presley have been spotted with this haircut which has helped it become famous over time. 

#5 – An undercut with a beard 

You want to have this style if you’re looking to bring out your eyes. 

bearded doctor with a goatee

This haircut can be traced back to the 1700’s when men wanted something more than just long hair and started cutting it short on top but longer at the bottom. The term “undercut” was first used in 1966 by hairstylist Sidney Guilaroff who gave this style its name because of how much shorter he cut his client’s hair behind their ears, leaving only an inch or two above them.  

The mussed-up look of this style is perfect for those who want to show off their facial hair.  

Celebrities like Evan Rachel Wood and Ryan Gosling have been spotted with the undercut beard, which has helped make it popular in recent years. 

To get an undercut with a beard:  

  • ask your barber or stylist for a low-fade on top while wearing your sideburns long enough to frame your face (think Elvis Presley) 
  • opt for shorter buzzed sides that are as close as possible to the skin but not touching it 
  • wear your neckline high so you can let some of that haircut peek out from behind the collar of any shirt you’re wearing. 

#6 – Slick back hair with gel or pomade 

The best way to get that Hollywood look is by using a hair gel. Slick your hair back with gel or pomade. This will help you to keep the style in place, but also make it more manageable and fashionable. 

Many people believe going out in public without grooming their hair will make them feel more confident, but this actually has an opposite effect than intended; it makes one’s self-esteem plummet.  

In order to maintain high levels of personal esteem, be sure to use mens hair styling products such as waxes or gels which can give even the finest tresses a healthy shine while smoothing down flyaways so they don’t add unneeded bulkiness when worn up all day long. 

Businessmen in pub

With the ever-evolving world of style and fashion, it’s hard to know which trends will stick around for years. Yet there are certain hairstyles that have been popular throughout decades, proving they transcend time and trend.  

For men looking for a cut that never goes out of style, consider these 6 timeless styles from our list!  If you’re looking for hair styling products and are undecided on which safest products to use, contact The Bearded Chap today!