New Issue of Fjorde Magazine

street fashion in colors

For Aussie fashion die-hards, Fjorde Magazine is not a new name. The magazine produces incredible pieces covering the rich fashion from Melbourne culture. They also pick designs from other parts of Australia.   

Dubbed Fjorde Magazine Issue, the publication comes every one month. So, the issue comes after every one month. So, every time a new issue is released, fashion enthusiasts have an opportunity to catch up with the last two months’ fashion developments. Have you checked the new issue of Fjorde Magazine for this winter? Well, the May release is definitely something to look up to.  

The 120 pages issue, winter 2011, is an exciting collection for the last two months’ fashion events. It has also included what will probably be rocking during the winter. But the most exciting part of this long magazine is pages 26 to 29. This is where the issue has extensively covered news about Melbourne. Several exciting things have happened in the city you need to know.  

man in street and cool fashion clothes

One of the events covered here is the opening of the new Nique store in Melbourne Central on page 26-27. This is good news for fans of the Nique brand. According to co-creators Nick and Lucy Ennis, they have just opened one of the many outlets in the CBD. Therefore, fashion line fans can expect more stores to open in various parts of the CBD in the coming days. You need to pay them a visit to pick some of the best designs in the new store.  

On the same page, read more about the new coffee blend in town. If you are a coffee addict, try the “Sacred Blend” from San Churro. The new blend is sourced from organic coffee beans from Papua Guinea. And do you know who the guests were during the launch? Well, they included singer Paris Wells and stylist Amber Renae, among others.  

Read about the Melbourne in autumn wrap-up before turning to page the next for more exciting features. The whole of 28 and 29 pages is about the Eat Street auction. It’s a fundraising event for the Australia Childhood Foundation.  

But what’s exciting about this year’s fundraising is the combination of food and fashion. The event will feature some of the biggest fashion design brands, top chefs and Victoria’s wineries. For the first time, we have leading chefs combining with fashion designers to produce a unique product for the auction. Among the designers include Willow, Gwendolynne and Sass and Bide. Visit the magazine to see the leading chef that each of the designers will be matching with to produce unique aprons for the auction.  

The new April 2011 Fjorde Magazine Issue is definitely one of the releases you can’t miss this year. The magazine will also help you get ready for the winter. You can also check the store online.